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  • AuthClient for Windows

    Installation using binaries.

    Not needed. Just unzip in any directory and start .exe file.

    Installation using sources

    1. Unpack authclient-win-x.x.x.x-src.tar.gz
    2. Type make. (I compiled my binaries eith MinGW)
    3. Copy .exe and .ini file in the same directory.
    4. Execute .exe file


    Open authclient.ini file in text editor and edit [server] section of your configuration file. It has 2 parameters: host, which describes IP address of AuthGateway, and port, which describes TCP port of AuthGateway daemon. This data you can request from your network administrator.


    You can translate interface of authgateway client to your own language. Edit [language] section:

    string1=Access allowed
    string2=Incorrect username or password
    string3=Incorrect request
    string4=No response from auth server
    string5=Flood detected
    string6=Incorrect Response from auth gateway
    string7=Can not initialize WinSock2 library
    string8=Can not create socket
    string9=Can not resolve hostname to IP
    string10=Connection to auth gateway failed
    string12=Connection reset
    string14=Are you really want to exit?
    string19=Enter data


    1. Run authclient.exe
    2. Username will given from system. If you want to enter username manually, run AuthClient with "SecretUsage" key, for example: authclient.exe SecretUsage
    3. Enter password
    4. Press "Connect" button. If connection successed client will minimize to system tray, else it will shown error message.
    5. If you want to disconnect double click on system tray AuthClient icon and press "Disconnect" button or right-click on icon and choose "Disconnect" in popup menu.
    6. If you have an error, you will notify about it with restored AuthClient window.