Linux Authentification Gateway

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    For administrating your authentification gateway you can use authgwd-control application. This is console program, which allows you to recieve list of active clients and to disconnect users administratively. For communication with main daemon it uses Unix Domain Socket, which should be defined in configuration file as adm_socket_path.

    authgwd-control <path/to/socket> userlist shows active users and their status. The table contains 6 columns:

    1. Socket - shows socket id in system
    2. IP - show IP address of client
    3. User - show username of client on this socket
    4. Level - access level of user
    5. Time - time of last user activity
    6. Status - Status of socket. It may be "open" (client open connection, but not authentificated), "authed" (authentificated client with firewall rule) or "admin" (socket, which used for administration)

    If you want to disconnect user and remove firewall rule use authgwd-control <path/to/socket> close <socket id> This commans try to disconnect and remove firewall rule for user, which connected to defined socket id. If it is successed you will see inforamtion about disconnected user, else programm will print "NOTFOUND" message